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Florida is now on Phase 2. Can we have parties now?

On Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that Florida moved to “Phase 2” effective Friday, June 5, 2020. Now, what does this mean for birthday parties and corporate events? There are two specific guidelines that would definitely apply to birthday parties and corporate events, as well as close proximity services such as face painting and airbrush tattoos. The phase 2 order encourages non-enforceable, "responsible individual activity".

Crowd sizes:

On Tampa Bay Times' Phase 2 guideline review, it states that Florida now encourages people to avoid crowds of 50 or more. This means that smaller to mid size events such as birthday parties are definitely back, while continuing to follow healthy safety guidelines to prevent remaining risks.

Close Proximity Services: Tattoo shops and beauty salons:

Tattoo shops, beauty shops and other close proximity services can now open, following safety guidelines from the Department of Health. Just like face painting and airbrush tattoos, tattoo shops and beauty salons provide close proximity services to its customers. It is then safe to assume that, while following healthy safety guidelines, these would apply to all services previously mentioned.

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