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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

General Service Policy:


Our main artist is the founder of FunnyCheeks, Susy Amaro. All face painting, balloon art, caricatures and balloon decorations in our website have been created by her. However, FunnyCheeks is a group of professional and talented entertainers who are happy and available to serve. Please feel free to ask which entertainer you will be assigned to come to your party, and ask for pictures of their work when you are booking.

Most packages shown on our book now page can entertain 15 to 20 children, per entertainer hired. Please contact us if you are expecting more than the average number, to provide you with an estimate for a second entertainer or hire one entertainer for additional hours. 

Payment Policy

• In order to reserve any form of entertainment with FunnyCheeks a nonrefundable deposit is required. A time and date cannot be reserved unless a deposit is completed as part of the booking process. Your deposit will be determined based on the services booked. 

• If cancelling an event the deposit will remain as a FunnyCheeks credit to book any future events. A FunnyCheeks credit will never expire. Just keep a record of the deposit date. Please read our cancellation policy below for further details.

• Full balance is due upon entertainer(s) arrival to the event.

• Entertainer cannot leave event site without final balance paid in full, unless other payment arrangements are made prior to the event and confirmed in written form (email, mail) by a FunnyCheeks representative.

• If the customer is unable to pay the remaining balance on the day of the event, customer will have to make total payment due within 24 hours after services have been rendered. If after 24 hours payment is still not completed, a $50 late fee will be added to your invoice and then $5 for each additional day, until payment is paid in full.

• If customer still does not comply with this policy by not making final payment, FunnyCheeks has the right to take legal action by submitting debt to a collection company, submitting debt to credit bureau, and/or filing a lawsuit with the intent to recover monies for the work provided to customer.

Cancellation Policy

• If cancelling upon entertainer's arrival, deposit will be non-refundable and 100% of the balance will be due immediately. It is important to consider our entertainer's time and effort. This policy applies if cancelling on the date of the event, while the artist is on his way to the event, or once entertainer arrives to the event. Time, gas, and lodging have already been invested at this point to arrive at location agreed upon. Not to mention the fact that we declined other bookings in order to honor yours.
•A cancellation or reschedule can be accepted 14 days prior to the date of the event. If the event is cancelled within this window of time, the deposit will remain as a FunnyCheeks credit to book any future events, minus a $100 cancellation fee. A FunnyCheeks credit will expire 1 year after making the deposit. Make sure to keep a record of the deposit date. If cancelling less that 14 days from the booking date, the deposit is non refundable.
• Once the entertainer arrives and is paid the remaining balance due, then by the terms agreed upon, the Entertainer will perform services at the event.
Entertainer will not be held responsible for the inability to perform for the following reasons:
· Police or Government Official closing down location of event
· Location/Client losing license
· Facility improperly equipped (ie: no electricity,)
· Incorrect directions or lack of transportation to the event
· Rain, Fire, War, or Act of God
· Illness
· Child birth
· Customer changed their mind less than 21 days before the event (for any reason) and no longer needs our services
· No guests at the event/ guests are running late
· Event is cancelled without notifying the entertainer
Special, unfortunate and unexpected circumstances do happen. 


Payment Policy:

• Client shall pay the Entertainer the amount outlined as "Entertainer's Fee" in exchange for at least 1 hour of services.

• A deposit in the amount outlined, as "Deposit" can be paid to the Entertainer upon booking completion.

• The remaining balance must be paid, in cash, check, or electronically, immediately before performance. There is an additional 5% charge for credit card and PayPal payments.

• Entertainer is not confirmed for the event until a deposit with a debit or credit card is completed by phone or through our website with a debit or credit card.

• Entertainer's name cannot be used in any advertisements or promotions of the event until it is agreed upon in writing.


Performance & Billing:

• The entertainer agrees to provide entertainment specified for a time limit of at least 1 hour unless otherwise pre-arranged. If the entertainer is requested and/or forced to extend the time limit of his performance, an additional fee may be determined.

• The Entertainer must perform between the hours of 9am-9pm, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Entertainer and stated within a contract.

• The Entertainer is to be paid in the following manner: In the form of cash or check onsite upon arrival of the event as specified above. A 3.5% tax fee will be added to all credit card or PayPal transactions.

• The Entertainer must receive top billing status, or equal/shared top billing on any promotional materials. This includes flyers, posters, mailers, etc.


Reservation Policy:

Travel & Accommodations:

If the event is located outside of FunnyCheeks service area, the client shall provide and pay for the Entertainer's transportation costs. FunnyCheeks is a local small business with locations in Orlando, Kissimmee and Poinciana. All entertainment services will be rendered within 30 minutes distance from the locations stated above. Any services located more than 40 minutes from the residential location of the entertainer assigned to your event, will be charged additional gas mileage charge of $15 to $30.


Hospitality & Security:

Entertainer must perform under a shaded area or indoors. Our FunnyCheeks entertainer will come with all equipment necessary to perform (example, face paints, brushes, balloons, magic equipment, costumes, musical equipment, etc.). However, client must inform our FunnyCheeks representative during the booking process if a tent, table or chairs will also be needed so that the entertainer can come prepared.

Client shall recognize Entertainer's requests as to non-alcoholic beverages like water for the duration of the Entertainer's performance. Client shall provide adequate security and crowd control measures during the Entertainer's performance. Entertainer is not responsible for controlling lines or securing anyone's spot in line. If there is a heavy line, entertainer has the right to 'cut' the line to ensure he/she finishes at the time scheduled. If entertainer does not have any other gigs after the event, he/she may agree to stay longer for an additional cost. Client agrees to provide a secure and restricted area for the Entertainer and their personal possessions, before, during, and after their performance.

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