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A New Trend on The Horizon... Inside Out!

This weekend on two different birthday parties I was asked by two direrent girls if I could paint "Disgust" on their face.... The first girl that asked definitely noticed the confusion in my face, and she kept on repeating "Disgust"... The father overheard and then explained to me, "Oh! Disgust is one of the characters in the new Pixar movie, Inside Out"... I kindly explained that I was not familiar with the character and showed her the options that I have on my board.

I was left curious, since I still havent seen the movie to find out what Disgust looked like. Well, It's the little green female character shown on the image below. Anger, which I also ended up painting is the red guy on the right.

Thankfully my niece and nephew are in Florida for the summer, and LOVE face painting. So, I grabbed them and began to paint...

I have to say, they are the best models ever! I love the final results:

I have to say, I definitely have to find a way to paint these characters more quickly, to be feasable on a birthday party, since the ones I painted on my niece and nephew took me about 10 minutes paint. But the results were well worth it. I will soon be trying the other characters. So, stay tuned!

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