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Corporate Event Ideas

If you're an event planner, finding the right entertainment may be more challenging than you think. For events such as family picnics, family fun days, business grand openings, customer appreciation day, holiday events or festivals it is a given that you will need to entertain the kids. So, just hot dogs, pizza and a bounce house might not cut it.

If you're looking for something different, unique and just plain fun, I have gathered some important tips to help you decide the perfect entertainment for your corporate event needs:

Face painter: Face painting is one of the most popular and effective ways to entertain the kids, and adults alike. If your event is indoors or during the cooler seasons, then regular face painting with water based, hypoallergenic paints will do. If your event is outdoors, or if you are having a waterslide or a pool party, sweat resistant and waterproof face painting may be something you'd want to consider. If the face painter offers the waterproof face painting, they will most likely also have airbrush tattoos and glitter tattoos available.

Things to ask: Depending on the occasion and the face painter's experience, you could ask if he/she can do theme related designs. (Example: 4th of July Themed Face Painting) Ask the face painter how many hours they recommend based on the number of guests. It's also good to ask if they have experience in handling long lines if you are expecting more than 100 guests. Some face painting companies may have multiple face painters available for one event; make sure to ask if you need more than one face painter at your corporate event.

Balloon Artist: We all know that kids love balloons... Twisted balloons takes kids' love for balloons to another level. If expecting a small crowd of 25 and under at your corporate event, then 2 hours of elaborate balloons may be just what you need. If expecting a larger crowd, closer to 100, then you may want to consider more time or even another balloon artist.

Things to ask: Ask the balloon artist how many years they have been doing balloons, and how many shapes of balloons can make. If they can't give you an exact number, because they know too many, it’s a good indication that you’re talking to a true professional. Ask for pictures so that you have an idea of what to expect.

Magician: Who doesn't love a magic trick? I know is one of my personal favorites. All magicians have a show with different magic tricks that may include comedy, objects, juggling, balloon art, puppets and sometimes even a dove or a bunny. Depending on your corporate event, you may need stroll around magic or a magic show in a specific area. All of these options may change the pricing of their packages.

Things to ask: To choose wisely ask what does each package include along with the price. Also ask if the show is targeted to kids and adults alike.

Characters: If you’re having a grand opening, or a customer appreciation day, then it is a greet idea to bring in a character or two to great your customers and take pictures. If you're having a holiday event, then consider the Easter bunny or Santa characters among others. These costumes can be very hot when worn during long periods of time, so it’s good to give the character 5 to 10 minutes of break every 30 minutes.

Things to ask: Ask what each character visit includes. Every company has different packages that may include game, music, etc.

Kid friendly DJ: There are many DJs that have great packages that include fun and popular songs, karaoke, and fun games for kids and adults alike.

Things to ask: Ask how many years of experience he/she has as a DJ, and ask how many games and how many people can play. And if they include prices for the winners.

Make sure to look for customer feedback to see what people are saying about the entertainer. Most experienced and professional entertainers have good clientele and book up pretty quickly. To ensure availability make sure to call them two months in advance. If the event is already less than two months away, call them anyway, you may get lucky.

I hope this guide helped and happy planning!

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